Newsletter Volume 1

DENDRICLEAR – Rebalance the acnebiome™ for healthy, blemish-free skin

Unique patented dendrimer
Selectively weakens acneic C. acnes strains to favor growth of non-acneic strains
Gently reduces the appearance of acne lesions for clear and flawless skin

Cutibacterium acnes (formerly called Propionibacterium acnes) is one of the major skin commensal bacteria (beneficial to skin) which is naturally part of a healthy microbiota. It can represent up to 90% of the microbiota, especially in sebum-rich areas such as the scalp, face, chest, and back.

Scientists have studied the genome of various strains of C. acnes and proved that acne is characterized by the dominance of acneic C. acnes strains compared to non-acneic strains. So, acne is actually caused more by acneic strain distribution than by just in increase of C. acnes strain in general.

C. acnes quantity is no longer the key to fighting acne, but its distribution between acneic and non-acneic strains is!

Dendriclear™, a breakthrough patented green-processed dendrimer is able to rebalance the acnebiome™ (C. acnes genome) of acne-prone skin to achieve healthy, blemish-free skin.

Dendriclear™ is a unique patented dendrimer, composed of 48 naturally-derived lysine amino acids. (Corn fermentation). Lysine is an essential amino acid able to integrate into bacteria cell membranes, destabilize them and weaken thus limiting their proliferation. Polymerized as a dendrimer 3D structure, lysine is more efficient than a linear chain due to a better distribution of charges (NH+) and a better accessibility.

One of the main structural difference between acneic and non-acneic C. acnes strains is the charge of a bacteria’s cell membrane surfaces. Acneic bacteria are more negatively charged than the non-acneic ones.

As Dendriclear™ is positively charged, it selectively interacts with acneic strains and can insert into their membranes. The resulting destabilization of bacteria has an impact on their biofilm quality. The decrease in the biofilm density leads to a decrease in the bacterial adhesion and community growth, thus reducing the skin’s bacterial aggression and induced-inflammation. On the contrary, the non-acneic strains are not affected; therefore, the distribution of the various strains is rebalanced towards a healthier acnebiome™.

The patented synthesis process developed to create Dendriclear™ uses safer and non-CMR solvents. Dendriclear™ is 99.95% natural origin according to the ISO 16128 norm. Dendriclear™’s ecotoxicological data show a good degradability and no toxicity in water.

A gentle alternative is a priority for the cosmetic market targeting acne-prone skin, which will not disrupt the skin’s microbiome balance. With a microbiota-friendly multi-target mechanism of action, Dendriclear™ offers an innovative strategy for fighting acne!

The rules of fighting acne have changed.

With this breakthrough microbiota-friendly mechanism of action, Dendriclear™ is the next generation of active ingredients in the battle against acne, and is a gentle alternative with no undesired side effects, unlike traditional acne-prone skin solutions.