The Innovation Zone showcases brand new and innovative personal care products. This unique attraction invites everyone to explore the latest product launches and formulation displays. The Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards are given to honor the development of a novel active or functional ingredient featured at the Innovation Zone.

HPCI Innovation Zone 2024 Award Winners

Winner: ECTOinOIL® - Face Gel by Bitop AG

Congratulations to Bitop AG for redefining beauty standards with ECTOinOIL®! This groundbreaking ingredient has set a new benchmark in personal care innovation.

First Runner Up: PHOTOBIOME - The Microbiota Photoprotector by Vytrus Biotech

A round of applause for Vytrus Biotech! PHOTOBIOME has earned its place as the first runner-up, showcasing the power of microbiota in photoprotection

Second Runner Up: Sagacious™ by Yasham Speciality Ingredients Pvt Ltd

Kudos to Yasham Speciality Ingredients Pvt Ltd for the remarkable achievement with Sagacious™! Your commitment to innovation has truly elevated our daily routines.

Nominations for HPCI Innovation Zone 2024 were:

Time Title Exhibitor Name
1 PHOTOBIOME - The Microbiota Photoprotector Vytrus Biotech
2 ECTOinOIL® - Face Gel. Bitop AG
3 Odor Bye DermaLab, Korea
4 Epionine Bio Laboratoires Expanscience, France
5 Phytochem K+ Chemir, Spain
6 Sagacious™ Yasham Speciality Ingredients Pvt Ltd
7 Nariyal - Body Brightening Oil Serum Dulae Cosmetics
8 SeraSilk® EL 30 KCC Silicone
9 Hydraoil
The Water Soluble Oils
10 Immunocosmetics Unveiled:
Reconnecting Nature with Microbiome – Restoring Properties
Viridis Personal Care Pvt Ltd
11 Eversoft™ ACS – 30 S Sino Lion
12 NatPro 8000 Natura Aeropack Corporation
13 Olivate 700 Dadia Chemicals Pvt Ltd
14 Natural Resveratrox Actichem, France
15 Fucoskin Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd
16 RetinArt – The Art of Retinol ILA Biomarine Pvt Ltd
17 Galaxy Hearth Fabcon Galaxy Surfactants Ltd
Galseer® Flexcon Galaxy Surfactants Ltd
18 Bio Capigen Veg IMCD India Pvt Ltd
19 Hydro-SkinBond™ Ankush Enterprise
20 Aminosensyl Ultra MB Barentz India Pvt Ltd
21 Aquapetal KIP Chemicals
22 Botaniplex CALM 4 Green Mountain Biotech, Israel
23 Saliguard LAG Salicylates & Chemicals Private Limited