Newsletter Volume 1

Ségeolène Moyrand-Gros appointed President of the Gattefossé Group

Lyon, June 8th, 2021.
Just turned 40, Ségolène Moyrand-Gros is taking over the presidency of the familygroup Gattefossé. She represents the 5th generation and succeeds her father JacquesMoyrand, who headed Gattefossé for 25 years and accelerated the development ofthe group, providing it the international dimension it enjoys today.

This decision starts a new chapter in the group's history, which began 140 years ago.On May 18th, 2021, the Board of Directors approved this well-prepared decision.

“After many years as president of Gattefossé, the time has come forme to step back. And it is with great confidence and optimism thatI hand over the family torch to Ségolène. She has demonstratedthe skills and qualities that one would expect of a president and Iknow that she is well supported by our management team. Togetherwith Eduardo de Purgly, Chief Executive Officer, they form a strongtandem. A new page is opening for Gattefossé, under the sign ofyouth and femininity," says Jacques Moyrand, who remains close to the company through his position on the Board of Directors.

A solid experience
With a master’s degree from ESCE International Business School, and a specialization inindustrial marketing at IAE Lille, France, Ségolène joined the group in 2006, after severalinternships in major companies. She enriched her career by obtaining an Executive MBA at EMLyon, France, which enabled her to join the Group's Board of Directors in 2013. First holding aposition in international marketing, then Group Communication Manager, she developed an indepthknowledge of the company, its products, customers, and teams. In 2019, she joined theManagement Executive Committee and is responsible for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)for the entire group.

Following in her father's footsteps, but also in those of her great-grandmother BlancheGattefossé, who presided the company for nearly 20 years, Ségolène wants to leave her imprinton the history of the company, while continuing the momentum that has already been achieved.

“It is with a lot of pride, determination and enthusiasm that I haveaccepted this position. I wish to continue the success story writtenby my predecessors, whose talent and personality have made thecompany what it is today. Gattefossé has both the potential and themeans to forge a brilliant future. It is also a human adventure, asunderlined by our tagline “People Make Our Name”, that characterizesour company. My ambition for Gattefossé is to achieve sustainableand responsible growth." explains Ségolène Moyrand-Gros.

An opportune moment to operate a change in governance
Despite the upheaval that the pandemic has caused for many companies, Gattefossé hassucceeded in improving its level of activity, supported by the commitment of its customersand teams around the world. The group has been growing steadily for two decades, reachinga turnover of €116 million in 2020, well balanced between the company's two markets,pharmaceuticals and personal care.

“We are lucky to operate in stable and complementary markets,which have been globally spared from the crisis. We believe that thisstability and growth will continue, allowing Ségolène and me to buildour collaboration in the best possible conditions. The 10 years I haveworked with Jacques have been rich and it is an honor to continuethis family adventure with Ségolène" , says Eduardo de Purgly, ChiefExecutive Officer of the group.

Great perspectives to come
After launching its latest cosmetic active Elevastin™ in April, Gattefossé is preparing to launchthree products for the pharmaceutical market. At the same time, the group is pursuing itsinternational development and is building a new production site in Texas, USA.

To support its development, Gattefossé plans to continue reinforcing its teams at its headquartersin Lyon, France, and internationally.

About Gattefossé
Gattefossé is a French company who develops, manufactures and sells specialty ingredientsfor the personal care and pharmaceutical industries. Specialist in lipid chemistry and plantextraction, the group offers recognized expertise in formulation using its 4 applicationlaboratories.

Gattefossé markets its products in more than 60 countries through 12 affiliated companies anda network of agents and distributors which provide solid technical support to its customers:75% of its turnover is achieved outside France.

The company remains a family-run, independent business since its creation in 1880.