Evaluating the Claims & Efficacy of Personal Care Products

In the personal care industry, claims validation and substantiation is a critical part of R&D. With consumers becoming more knowledgeable every passing day, their wish lists also keep growing. This is the reason personal care product manufacturers find the need for specialized instruments to evaluate the efficacy of their products and publish claims accordingly.

Agaram Industries is a leading distributor of instruments specially designed for evaluating hair and skin care products. We are the sales and service partners for instrument manufacturers from countries such as USA, UK, Denmark, France, and Japan. The following is a brief list of the instrument manufacturers we represent, who are well-renowned in the personal care industry.

Dia-Stron, UK:
Dia-Stron is an illustrious manufacturer of instruments for analysing different properties of hair and skin. By virtue of constant R&D and collaborations with leading personal care brands from across the globe, Dia-Stron has earned a unique name for itself in the industry.

The fibra.one is Dia-Stron’s flagship product, widely used to perform tests such as dry and wet combing, tensile strength, 3-point bend, and curl compression on hair tresses. Apart from the fibra.one, Dia-Stron also have specialized systems for analysing the tensile strength, dimensions, torsional strength, and other such mechanical properties of single hair fibers.

Dia-Stron’s instruments are recognized and used by all leading organizations associated with the personal care industry for claims validation and efficacy testing.

Cortex Technology, Denmark:

Cortex Technology is a Danish manufacturer of scientific skin testing instruments. They were pioneers in the industry and have over 30 years of experience.

The DermaLab Combo is a popular multi-probe skin analysis system which can quantitatively evaluate skin properties such as the following:
• Hydration
• Elasticity
• Sebum
• Color
• Collagen
• Elastin
• pH

It is widely used for validating claims by leading personal care brands, CROs, cosmetic ingredient manufacturers, and research institutes worldwide. Additionally, the DermaLab Combo is also mentioned in numerous prestigious research publications.

Bossa Nova Vision, USA:
Bossa Nova Vision manufactures instruments for evaluating visual parameters of hair tresses such as gloss, colour, frizz, and a few more. There is a significant level of subjectivity involved when such parameters are visually analysed.

The following instruments designed and developed by Bossa Nova Vision play a crucial role in objectively evaluating the corresponding parameters.

Parameter             Instrument
SAMBA Hair               Gloss / Shine
MAMBO                      Color
BOLERO                      Frizz & Volume

If you are interested in any of the above instruments and would like more details or a demonstration, please write to us at sales@agaramindia.com. We look forward to hearing from you.