Comprehensive Colorants Portfolio for Home & Personal Care applications

We at Soujanya, are a global leader in innovative and high-performance Liquid Colorants for a wide range of applications.

We are a comprehensive one-stop solutions provider of Liquid Colorants for Home & Personal Care applications.
We are experts in Liquid Colorants Technology and have got successes in various HPC applications like Bar Soaps, Shampoos, Colour Cosmetics, Detergents, I&I Cleaning etc.

We have three product lines for Colorants in HPC segment:
• Auratone: range of water-based pigment dispersions used in bar soaps, shampoo, laundry detergents, color cosmetics etc.
• Aurablush: range of oil-based (anhydrous) pigment dispersions used in color cosmetics / make-up products, skin care, sun care, nail polish etc.
• Auratint: range of concentrated liquid dyes used in personal wash, liquid cleaners, dishwash liquids, fabric softeners etc.
With this broad product portfolio, we can address coloring needs for all the applications in HPC segment.

Moreover, we provide customized shade matching and development services to our customers.
We can provide customized colorants for various applications, whereby customers can replace 2-3 different primary colors being used to make a particular shade and directly use one single colorant to get their desired shade. This will reduce the processing time and also ensure "Right-First-Time" production batches (no color matching or adjustment required during production).

Benefits of Liquid Colorants over Powder Colorants:
1. Easy to Use: ease of processing, no pre-mixing required, dissolves quickly, automatic dosing system possible only for liquid colorants
2. Safe to Use: non-dusting, trouble-free, non-staining, no handling of powder dyes, no risk of cross-contamination
3. Superior Liquid Colorant Technology: water-soluble, consist of specialty polymers to give excellent performance
4. Significant Energy, Time & Costs Savings: no need for wetting, saves processing steps and labour costs
5. Maximizes Color Efficiency: lower pro-rata dosage required, powerful colorants
6. Superior and True Color: gives maximum tinting strength and full chroma, bright colors
7. Better Stability: Easily dispersable/miscable and Stable colors, no settling or blocking
8. High Quality Assurance: our colorants expertise, stringent control systems, excellent consistency, no batch-to-batch variations
9. Inventory Reduction: no need to stock dyes, additives and pre-mixes, reduce inventory of colorants
10. Wide Variety of Shades: infinite range of bright colors, easy shade matching with three primary colors - accurate, consistent and easy to implement
11. Customized Shade Development: leverage our expertise, full technical support for shade matching and color development
12. Excellent Compatibility: single colorant compatible across various products, compatible with other ingredients in formulations