HPCI India organised an evening of networking in Delhi for all the leaders from the Home and Personal Care Industry to meet, interact, and talk about the upcoming industry trends.
There was a presentation on Import & Export in the Cosmetic & Ingredient Industry by Ajit Shah, Faculty and Consultant for International Business followed by interesting conversations
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Exports and Imports of Cosmetics and Ingredients
Compiled by Ajit Shah, Faculty and Consultant for International Business
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Fermented Onion in Cosmetics
While onion is usually known for its strong smell, onions and onion juice might not be the first things that come to mind of consumer of skin & hair care product as most people don't want their face and body smelling like onions, more
A way forward to Trends with Multifunctional Japanese Ingredients
AToday, consumer's pursuit for 'clean' beauty reflects a widespread cross generational movement for healthy products in all walks of life, driven by social media where Instagram is influencing millennials to adopt these habits into their own lives, more
Coptis new cosmetic regulatory database: Coptis Reg. a global comprehensive regulatory database to ensure compliance in house
From product formulation, all the way to labelling, small businesses and large companies face the same issues in terms of regulatory requirements. By using Coptis PLM solution coupled with a regulatory database, gives every actor of a product development access to the information they require, more
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