Newsletter Volume 1

Certification of Natural and Organic Cosmetics (The Inside Story) is a book authored by Gautam Budhiraja, Founder and Managing Director of N V Organics Pvt Ltd - a business of imports and distribution of specialty ingredients with a focus on natural, safe and organic products.

Having been a major player in the beauty industry for more than 25 years, Gautam has seen the value that cosmetics bring to people in enhancing themselves and attaining self-satisfaction. He has firsthand experience as a cosmetic ingredients and cosmetics formulation expert, and has also helped numerous cosmetics manufacturers grow their businesses.

The book is a gold mine for startups looking to launch their natural cosmetics brand as well as brands that have existed for years. It provides insights into the importance of providing customers with healthy products that are made with safe alternatives to harsh chemicals. It contains many invaluable tips that have taken over two decades to be refined and applied with great results.

Gautam also gives the reader a glimpse into the expectation vs reality of the market when it comes to getting your cosmetics product duly certified as natural and organic. Once this book is understood by a brand, they will never fall into ambiguous and false claims about safe products for existing and potential customers ever again.

With this, he assures that his insights can help bring an evolution towards cosmetics based on natural and healthy ingredients. Healthy alternatives, instead of harsh chemicals, is the way forward. Start your own business or boost an existing one with this gem of a book. Grab a copy, now!