The Influence of Wellness on Traditional Health Products

More than ever before, adults are prioritizing aspects of their health that support the full spectrum of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. The rise of holistic wellness stems from consumers shifting health needs. According to Mintel research on health management trends, since the start of 2020, nearly half of adults are placing greater emphasis on managing stress, improving quality of rest/sleep, taking time for themselves and strengthening their immune system. Read more here

Arihant Innochem Introduces SeascalpTM Biomarine Ingredient for Scalp Care from Lubrizol Life Science

Lubrizol Life Science - Beauty (LLS Beauty) has launched its first active ingredient for hair, leveraging LipotecTM Active Ingredients expertise to deliver a one-of-a-kind consumer solution for scalp care. SeascalpTM biomarine ingredient is proven to minimize the accumulation of sebaceous lipids and strengthen the skin barrier function for a healthy scalp with less itchiness, greasiness and inflammation, Read more here

ECTOinOIL® - First and Only-Compatible Ectoin®

ECTOinOIL® is a 100% natural and multifuctional bioactive that enables a nes and easy way to incorporating Ectoin® natural in sustainable and anhydrous formulations, The innovative bioactive offer brands the opportunity of creating a new range of trending water-smart products with excellent clinically proven efficacy. ECTOinOIL® imparts all the unique functional attributes of Ectoin® natural into the formulation like anti-aging, skin brightening and lightening, blue light protection, anti-inflammatory, global anti-pollution, long-term hydration, and soothung benefits, Read more here

Benefits of aloe Vera for Skin Beauty and Skin Health

Aloe Vera, also known as the plant of immortality, is not a stranger to the skincare world. Although we discovered this ingredient and its countless benefits a few decades ago, it has been in the books of beauty for centuries. Aloe Vera is a natural cactus-like plant belonging to the Liliaceae family. The herb provides excellent benefits for skin beauty and skin health through its unique properties, more

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