Scalp care is the new #hairgoals

How important is hair? Well, a large multitude of people from different cultures recognizes hair as an important reflection of their identity. Hair is a great and unique way to express who ypu are, but alse what you stand for, Read more here

Multifuctional Ingredients in Skincare: The Next Best Thing in Personal Care Industry

With thousands of players in the personal care and cosmetic industry, one of the biggest challenges formulators face is differentiating their products from the rest. When consumers find it difficult to tell two products apart, brands and marketers turn to one of their most reliable strategies, Read more here

AlGAKTIV® RestoreSKN - Dermal renewal for rapid lifting

RestoreSKN is ILA Biomarine's Advance Marine Micro-algae Biotechnology Active with proven efficacy - more than 40% increase in collagen & elsatin production within 5 days from application. A rapid booster of elasticity and firmness. Restores the skin matrix by actively increasing collagen, elastin and the skin intrinsic growth factors, Read more here

A Part of the Barentz Group, a Progressive and Innovative Business Group

This acquisition will strengthen Barentz' footprints into Pharma, Nutra and personal care industry and increase their geographic exposure in the fast-growing Asia-pacific region, more

Beauty & Personal Care Continue to Drive India's Ecommerce Growth

"Many digital-first brands have emerged over the last two years in the beauty and personal care segment, which provides tough competition to traditional players. Interest from investors and the rising number of 'House of Brands' further support growth of the segment." more

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