Newsletter Volume 1

Multifunctional Ingredients: The New Mantra in Cosmetics

Pradnya Hardas,
Sagar Shanghavi

Covid19 has changed the lives and habits of mankind world over and brought about changes in lifestyle of people like never before.

It has brought back the focus on health, hygiene, wellbeing, sustainability, cruelty to animal and above all using ingredients available from nature.

We at WCC have always believed in themes which meet today’s requirements. However it is very difficult to believe in something and being able to do it.

There is a huge challenge faced by formulators today in terms of being able to meet the requirements arising out of Covid 19.

We recognized this challenge and brought together series of multifunctional ingredients meeting demands arising out of Covid19. This enables the formulator not to search for different ingredients to meet the market requirements and also provides all the claims the customers wants. Multifunctional ingredients bring multiple benefits to reduce the cost of formulation and yet meet the market challenges.

There is a myth that multifunctionality can be related to specific actives to deliver specific role. However the reality differs when it comes to our offerings.

We have surfactants to give moisturizing/conditioning efficacies besides being mild and natural, there are Humectants, Emollients, Emulsifiers; the list is endless. All of them have multifunctional-activities beyond the scope/name suggests with highest standard of quality and certifications.

Our laboratory is continuously developing wide range of formulations for the skin, hair, scalp and color cosmetics and our Business Development team is eager to support the customer achieve their desired final product with the best efficacies using our multifunctional ingredients.

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